Steel structures


Steel foundations offer a great alternative to concrete foundations, which take much longer to complete. Steel foundations can be loaded immediately after plunging into the ground, which allows the construction of the facility on the same day, and this significantly reduces the project turnaround time. Steel structures are used where time is of essence and for inaccessible areas where it is impossible to transport concrete mix and reinforcement baskets for traditional foundations. Appropriate thickness of galvanizing adapted to the ground conditions provides the structure long-term durability and strength. Steel foundations are perfectly suited for small structures, shelters, terraces, gazebos, as well as for the foundation of road and railway infrastructure objects, such as acoustic screens, masts, poles.

The foundations are made according to MERAENG Office’s designs for a Danish company GroundPlug, the general contractor.


We make standard stair designs available in many styles. Our staircases are manufactured from durable, high quality materials and are the perfect choice for indoor or outdoor use.


We make standard balustrade structures as well as non-standard solutions with glass filling made of laser cut sheet metal. We guarantee to obtain any shape, as well as filling e.g. from wicker, natural mats. Many structure styles are available, ideal for traditional and contemporary building designs or industrial construction parts.

Individual structures

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