Steel joinery

Steel doors

Our doors provide high quality construction bearing fruit in comfortable use with no loss of properties, even in intensive exploitation. At the same time, they provide an exquisite appearance.

Steel windows

Not only our steel windows beautiful, but most of all strong in construction and safe. Owing to which we can be confident the products we deliver meet our customer highest requirements.

Forster Unico - system with thermal insulation

The Forster Unico profile system we use enables to obtain very thin profiles of sashes and frames of the construction while meeting the highest strength and thermal requirements at the same time.

Steel profiles are environmentally friendly and made of materials free of synthetic additives making them recyclable. The fastening techniques allow to achieve extremely narrow profile cross-sections, making this system ideal for old buildings and historic industrial buildings renovation.

Forster unico is available in 3 types:

Forster unico:to be used in structures with thermal insulation required, for fire, burglary and bullet protection
Forster unico HI:to be used with very high thermal insulation requirements.
Forster unico XS: ultra-thin profiles for windows and fixed glazing with excellent thermal insulation.

Forster Presto - a system without thermal insulation required

The system designed for interior use for single or double leaf doors, windows and glazed walls where no need of thermal insulation is observed.
Forster Presto stands for safety and meets the requirements for technical functionality and extreme long-term exposure to the stresses of intensive use. Forster Presto is also available in stainless steel version, great for elegant and ambitious solutions.