Aluminium joinery

Our main supplier for the system and aluminium profiles is Reynaers. It is a European leading specialist in aluminium solutions for windows, doors, curtain walls, sliding systems, sun visors and conservatories.

We are able to design, manufacture and deliver the highest quality products to meet your comfort, energy, safety, architectural and energy efficiency requirements.

Steel joinery

We specialize in manufacturing and assembly of steel joinery. In providing high quality solutions we are supplied by a professional Forster company focused on safety and energy efficiency.

Our professionals are committed to every detail and our customers imagination when creating custom designs.

We comprehensively design, advise and perform services for you in the field of steel joinery.

Aluminium structures

We specialize in manufacturing custom aluminium structures and individual projects.

Our production hall has been equipped with automatic double-head saw, milling-copying machine and other machines necessary to produce aluminium structures.

We offer manufacturing of individual pressed profiles on special order. Profiles are designed and selected by our team of engineers.

Steel structures

We specialize in steel foundations and columns manufacturing. Besides, we make all kinds of welded structures, both for individual and business clients.

Our production hall is equipped with the necessary tools to manufacture steel structures.

Modular houses

We offer construction of modular houses to any configuration. A durable steel frame is the supporting structure of the modules. The main features of our solutions are simplicity of shape, large glazing, complete finishing, and internal equipment.